We are a neighborhood contemporary arts space in Northwest Ohio associated with BGBeerWorks. Our space in 25x35' and separate from the tasting room. A project by Justin Marx and Andrew McPherson:

Justin founded BG Beer Works in 2016 and it has grown into a much loved community gathering point. But his previous passion was in the visual arts. While working as a framer in Austin TX, Justin traveled to India and was fascinated with the great artists he met there. He has been importing and promoting works by artists from the subcontinent since 2002 under the name Kala Fine Arts. So in 2020 with the brewery in full swing, he expanded the compound to include a dedicated gallery space.

Andrew McPherson serves as the gallery director. He has lived in Upstate NY and San Francisco. He moved to Bowling Green in 2014. He has an MFA in painting and works as a studio technician, adjunct instructor, and scenic painter. 

Fine Art in BG OH since 2020